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As a business owner entering into my 4th year of business, it has been anything but calm over the past few years. Quitting my corporate job in December of 2019 led to so many shifts including developing a business that fits the lifestyle I want to experience.

I quit my job and have been working hard to do my business; find Calm Here LLC because I strongly desire to live a location independent lifestyle. I’ve pivoted from travel writing, to community leadership, to business consulting, and business coaching. This year I want to bring to the top that pursuit of my ideal lifestyle and help others discover this as well.

If you read my 2022 Reflections blog post, you’ll notice that I mention a change in direction from building a business with a team to developing a business without a team. As I sat down to review my business plan, vision, mission, and purpose statement, I decided that this is something that I want to share with you to keep me accountable.

Find Calm Here
How we help Female Founders & Executives

Find Calm Here LLC is a hub for female creatives, founders, and entrepreneurs interested in learning how to run a values-based, purpose-driven business using their innate talents, strengths, values, and preferred skills.

Hi, I’m Deb Schell, a lifestyle design coach who works with female founders to guide them in building a business that aligns with their purpose, vision, and mission, using their innate talents, strengths, values, and skills to find purposeful work that inspires energy and enthusiasm.

Since 2020 I’ve built an online presence through social media, a podcast, and email marketing. Over the years, I’ve hosted my own community and consulted over 50 entrepreneurs to help them transition their existing businesses or develop new businesses with a community-led approach.

In 2022 I became certified as a YouMap® Coach, helping new business owners align their innate talents, values, strengths, and skills. I’ve learned to utilize my Top 5 Strengths of Communication, Positivity, Restorativeness, Winning Others Over (Woo), and Futuristic to develop a roadmap for Find Calm Here LLC based on my strengths, values, and preferred skills.

I have written about this in 2 blog series: (a 3rd coming soon!)

Find Calm Here’s Mission, Vision, and Goals

Find Calm Here’s vision is to empower female entrepreneurs to thrive in online business. I aim to encourage a sense of calm in daily life through intentional business and lifestyle design. By the end of the year, I hope to inspire 5,000 women to build and launch their online businesses with confidence and enthusiasm while not sacrificing their personal, wellness, and family commitments by prioritizing well-being.

My mission for 2023 is to help female founders build, grow, or scale their businesses and align their purpose, vision, and mission with their values, strengths, and skills that light them up and bring energy and enthusiasm.

FCH 2023 Goals: In 2023 I will improve the quality of my life and the lives of others around me through mindfulness, curiosity, and always cultivating calm. I know how stressful building a business can be, but I want to help female founders find calm in building a business. I aim to elevate your stress and hope to provide you with only what’s essential to incorporate into your business strategy. You already have what you need to start; let me guide you in navigating the online business world as a new founder.

Photography Exhibit Announced

I’ve been an online content creator, photographer, and writer for over 10 years and have shared my photography at In 2012 I started sharing her personal experiences at, where I write about my travels and hiking and enjoy sharing photos from my trips.

My passion for gathering others has been evident as I hosted many art exhibition receptions between 2012–2017 in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lititz, Carlisle, and Hershey. I’ve exhibited my photographic artwork in over 20 venues in Central Pennsylvania. I’m tremendously excited to announce that I will begin artwork exhibitions of her travel photography in 2023.

Creator to Community Builder Workbook (Coming Soon!)

In 2020 I launched an online community of over 100 people who wanted to develop a sense of calm in challenging times. Over the course of six months, I co-hosted over 30 virtual workshops and events with speakers and experts to help develop a sense of calm in daily life. After leading a community, I learned so much about online business that I transitioned to consulting others. I’ve worked with over 50 entrepreneurs to support their plans to build, launch, and grow an online community. In addition to working with clients, I’ve interviewed over 100 community leaders on The Community Strategy Podcast between 2020 to 2022, ending in December. I began writing the book Creator to Community Builder to provide new community builders with the tools and resources to feel confident in building an online community. Stay tuned for more information as the project progresses. (Anticipated publication Summer 2023)

Female Founders are the future of business.

Over the past few years, many people who reached out to her for support with community building really needed business development support. This is why in 2023 I will be more focused on supporting female founders who are new to online business and want encouragement, confidence, and accountability to get their online business off the ground.

Find Calm Here LLC will transition to a hub for creatives, travel enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs interested in learning about working with strengths, values, and purpose. In 2023 I will be spending time sharing the new book (upon publication) and developing deeper relationships with my local community in Central Pennsylvania. I’ve developed relationships with the Lancaster Polkadot Powerhouse Community in addition to the West Shore Chamber of Commerce and the Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce.

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