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Deb Schell, CEO and Founder
8 min readMar 31, 2023

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on updating the website to bring it up to date with past blog posts, podcast episodes and relevant to my ever-evolving content.

As a 10-year veteran blogger, that is my go-to when it comes to content. What I’ve discovered in the past year, however, is that many people tend to search on YouTube before google for answers.

With this in mind, I’m sharing with you that I’ll be doing a blog video series called “Blog Bites,” which will be mini videos summarizing the blog for those who aren’t interested or would prefer to listen instead of reading.

Secondly, I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve just updated the website to offer a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style experience.

Depending on what brings you to my website, selecting different boxes will help you find the best resources. This was a recommendation from a client about 6 months ago, as she mentioned that I have so much great content but that it’s hard to find and could be better organized.

I’ve done a video tour for you and will highlight some features in this post.

I am so thankful for anyone who visits my website, and I really want to begin building a relationship with you, so if you’ve found yourself here, hi! My name is Deb! I help you find calm by building a business you love. You can select one of the buttons that reflects what brought you here or that resonates with you to continue your journey.

I’m thinking about starting a business
and looking for support.

Maybe you are thinking about starting a business but aren’t sure exactly how you could use your skills to transfer them to a new business. I’ve provided a few guides to help you learn more about using your strengths, values, and skills to guide you toward building a business you love.

I fell in love with being a business owner in my 20s but struggled to find the right way to make it profitable and have a business that allowed me to enjoy spending time outdoors, with friends, and traveling.

When I quit my corporate job in 2019 to become location independent and start my online business, I discovered that it was a lot harder than I’d ever thought to gain clarity on who my ideal client is and how I can uniquely help them.

When I learned about YouMap®, an assessment that helped me turn my strengths, values, and innate skills into practical business services and offerings.

I built a business that worked for me and that I enjoyed running. No more doing work; I didn’t want to do or say “yes” to clients when I really wanted to say “no.”

Here are some resources that might help you learn more about YouMap and if they would help you find your ideal clients, hone in on your strengths, and set your business up for success.

I’m new to online business
and looking for resources.

I’ve got good news for you! I’ve been an avid learner about online business for a while and have interviewed a few people who’ve built a business. A few interviews below give you great information and tips when starting a business.

Tech Tools and Organization

Business Funding and Development

Mindset and Motivation

I’m a new community builder looking for support

You’re not alone if you feel defeated as you build an online community. Most new community builders have big ideas but struggle to launch them.

Tech options are overwhelming, approaching your audience takes courage, and scaling a business doesn’t come easily. Meanwhile, you may be missing out on income you could earn by launching faster, growing sooner, and creating transformation for your members.

Hi, I’m Deb Schell. I started my community to solve a problem I’d once struggled with myself. (Sound familiar?) For me, that problem was the anxiety and frustration I experienced when I launched my first community . . . to the silence of crickets. It felt like a failure.

Now, I consult with purpose-driven community builders. Together, we find calm in the process of building, launching, and growing their own online communities.

But my clients aren’t just here to turn a quick buck. They have a solution their people need, and they’re committed to making a real difference in their lives. Bringing these leaders together is my mission, which evolved from my 20-year career as a writer, creator, and designer.

At Find Calm Here, we work with small business owners, community leaders, organizations, and non-profits who want to bring their clients, customers, or prospects together inside an online community.

Many clients we work with have a purpose-driven community concept and aim to provide value to these members with content, peer-to-peer support, resources, and the ability to share experiences that benefit the organization while empowering the members to share how their life has benefited from the content, programs, or education within the online community.

Defining your purpose

Finding your ideal members

I need ideas to increase engagement
in my online community.

Many new community builders assume they need much content for an online community to be “valuable enough” to charge for membership. This is not true!

From my research working with clients, many of their members would pay for connection and not content, so if you think you need to build a course, program, or lots of content before launching that paid membership, guess what… you don’t!

Below I’ll share some FREE resources to help you unlock the secret to launching your online community with ease and build something that isn’t going to burn you out.

Community Consultant Resources

Consulting is typically a solo adventure; let’s change that.

With the massive growth in the online community space in 2020, there’s no doubt that online communities are here to stay. Companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs are finding ways to leverage their audience in new and exciting ways.

During the pandemic, building relationships became challenging, and the need to connect virtually wasn’t just for the silicon valley tech companies; now, everyone was using that technology to communicate.

The challenge in the community industry has always been around how to fund and properly support the efforts of the community profession. I see a new opportunity for community consultants to collaborate and encourage each other.

The buzz about online communities, marketing sales funnels, and passive income combined for me in 2020 when I learned about Mighty Networks. After being a member of an online community and knowing how it changed my life, I knew I wanted to launch a community.

After launching and failing, I learned a lot of hard lessons, but it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. The members of my community that kept showing up were fellow community builders who would lean in when I answered questions.

That’s when I learned I had the skills and strengths to help community builders. Since then, I’ve helped over 50 entrepreneurs find calm in their community-building journey.

As I was getting started, I realized there was so much to learn, and it felt very lonely to be building a community alone. I went to see if others were doing this, and behold … there were!

That was the inception of the Community Consultants Collective, a watering hole for community professionals transitioning to freelance and consulting work to get support, training, and the tools to grow their expertise.

We meet monthly to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and offer support. I’ll share some resources below to help you if you’ve found yourself here — considering becoming a community consultant or if you are already a consultant looking for helpful resources.

Getting started as a consultant

Wellness Resources to find calm in daily life

The world is challenging, and in the past few years, it has become much more difficult to navigate with a rise in depression and anxiety. In a mental health crisis, and when we are suffocating with content, it might be challenging to figure out the right resources to help you find a bit of calm today.

Hi, my name is Deb, and I struggle with depression and anxiety. From an early age, I learned to cope with food and other substances, including drugs and alcohol. I’ve struggled with this most of my life and have had moments when I felt I’d move past challenging times, and then life throws me another curve ball.

In 2020, I started an online community to bring together my friends to share resources that have helped us find calm. This evolved into hosting over 30 virtual workshops with various topics and speakers. I have since closed the community and no longer offer workshops on a regular basis. Still, I wanted to put together a resource library for you to access the recordings, and you might find value in watching them.

Below are some videos from the YouTube Channel; you can view others by searching for “Find Calm Here” videos on YouTube.

Wellness Workshops

Mindset Workshops

Creativity and Work

Motivation and Positivity

Travel, Writing, Speaking

Productivity, Organization, Homelife

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