✨New 🎙️Podcast — Episode 64: BONUS Community Strategy with Mighty Networks Jane Stecyk and Jessica Shambora

Over the past two years, I have been very vocal about using Mighty Networks, an all-in-one community platform in my business, and have helped over 80 leaders build, launch, and grow their course, cohort, or membership on this platform.

With each year, the platform has leveled up by offering a place for business owners to create a community that they own and charge members to access — all inside one place that is branded and unique to the context and content that the host of the community offers.

Today, I’m thrilled to interview two people I’ve gotten to know over the last year while being an active member of the Mighty Networks Mighty Host community.

Mighty Hosts is an online space exclusively for hosts who are paying customers with their own communities.

Inside Mighty Hosts, Members share proven frameworks for creating, growing, and selling thriving communities, online courses, and memberships.

I first met Jessica Shambora, Director of Product Management at Mighty Networks in 2020 when I first launched the FCH Community.

Jessica facilitates the Thursday Weekly Workshop event inside Mighty Hosts and has been answering questions and supporting hosts by offering them a place on the “stage” to present their challenges and offer solutions and tech support for attendees.

In addition, she offered to connect with Mighty Mastermind members during one of our weekly sessions in 2020 to answer any questions.

Jessica is the face of most — if not all events — to inform Mighty Hosts of new product launches, new features, and promote Stories of Awesome inside the community.

Joining this interview is Jane Stecyk, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mighty Networks. She’s focused on creating content that converts, elevating creators, and encouraging leaders to launch purposeful communities that help others transform their lives in daily life.

She’s a Canadian-American who went to library school and ended up with a career in startup marketing. She loves learning from creators and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and spark conversations.

Jane has been creating posts and polls to bring together Mighty Hosts with support and resources for community-builders to better understand their needs. Her content helps hosts with guides on how to better optimize their community, strategies for boosting their networks in social media, and the tools to create powerful and impactful Mighty Networks.

Show Notes:

5:22: Jessica starts with her journey to working with Mighty Networks. She got a start in the community by helping run Fortune Most Powerful Women and then jumped at the opportunity to join MN, eventually becoming the Director of Product Management.

9:04: Jane chimes in with her background with MN. Being curious and wanting to learn more, she fell in love with the creator/entrepreneur space. She joined the MN team and now leads the marketing team.

11:38: Jessica goes in-depth on the squad model, splitting up the product team to focus on different features which allows them to keep moving forward on all fronts.

20:34: Jane touches on a commitment to rapid feedback and learning, funneling feedback between different departments and also looking outside of Mighty Networks to meet people where they are.

22:07: Looking to the future, Jane discusses finally reaching a time where online community is no longer seen as a second-best option. They also touch on trends like Web 3 and look at ways the community as a whole can make decisions together, not under a specific leader.

29:26: Jessica touches on the focus of how to give hosts tools to better run their communities, yet also lever how to make sure their members get value and keep coming back. Recommendations include: Keep it simple, make the community a habit with strategies like a weekly schedule, and start specifically with your big purpose.

37:11: Jane jumps into the importance of an ideal member, so individuals can resonate and make connections. It also sets expectations on how people will contribute and what they get out of the community.

43:47: Jessica speaks on being intentional with community experience in Mighty Network versus Facebook. Jane explains that 77% of hosts who charge have made a sale and members who are in networks that have charged are more engaged.

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