✨New 🎙️Podcast — Episode 63: Find Calm empowering entrepreneurs with Anne Cocquyt

In this episode, Anne Cocquyt shares her experience in building, launching, and growing a Mighty Network to over 1,300 members, creating cohorts, and designing connections between her members inside this online community for female entrepreneurs.

To date, she’s helped over 150 first-time entrepreneurs launch successful businesses and brings together leaders from over 50 countries into the online community, which is on the Mighty Networks platform.

Anne combines her Silicon Valley startup experience with proven coaching methodologies to help members unlock their full potential. Transitioning to the US after working in the UK and Switzerland, her experience spans from consumer products to digital health and AI.

Inside the GUILD Academy, she offers members templates, practical tips, and proven methods to accelerate first-time entrepreneurs on their journey to launch. Together, we figure out the best fundraising strategy. Click here to learn more about The GUILD, or here to sign up for her email list. If you want to dive deeper, check out her blog, the Founders Desk.

If you are interested in Dare To Launch, an 8-week program for entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders, click here to learn more.

The Guild supports every entrepreneur who is looking for community and offers free membership to the GUILD platform where you can connect with other entrepreneurs, post your questions, and ask on our platform and app.

The popular GUILD PRO membership includes access to more than 100 recorded events from the past 24 months including our 8-hr Fundraising Bootcamp.

Show notes:

3:24: Anne begins with what led her to start The Guild to bring people together. She touches on an increase in female entrepreneurship and launching during a pandemic.

12:58: Helping others to start businesses within her community, Anne provides materials and templates to sort through business ideas to test, achieve funding, and more.

17:25: Deb and Anne discuss how she decided to use Mighty Networks. After building her own platform first, Anne tested out many other platforms and decided to switch so she could focus on her program, not platform building.

24:19: Anne discusses the deciding factor to move to Mighty Networks, including event scheduling and course offerings, on top of supporting a female founder.

29:57: Anne talks about both losing members and attracting new members. She also covers plan memberships and course offerings.


Deb Schell is the Creator of Find Calm Here LLCAs a community consultant, designer, copywriter, and strategist, she helps entrepreneurs find calm in building, launching, and growing their paid online communities.

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, she brings together community-builders who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community.

As the Host of the Community Strategy Podcast, Deb shares conversations she has with community-builders who share how they’ve found calm. During the episode, guests discuss tech tools that support community-building in onboarding, how to cultivate conversations, and encourage members to connect, participate, and invite others to join.



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Deb Schell

Deb Schell

I help entrepreneurs find calm in the process of building, launching, and growing a paid online community with ease.