✨New 🎙️Podcast — Creating An Inclusive Community with Jephtah Abu

Jephtah Abu is a community manager based in Lagos, Nigeria with over 5 years of experience in building inclusive & diverse online communities ranging from B2B brands, Tech Startups, and SaaS companies.

He recently became the first Local-based Nigerian to be awarded a full scholarship to CSchool (A cohort for Community Managers).

Jephtah advocates for DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in the community management space as he rallies for more Global Opportunities for Community Managers living in Nigeria.

After his experience in Marketing, he realized that community management is his passion.

This passion led to the creation of his blog where he unpacks community industry insights during interviews with top community professionals and leaders, including Jenifer “Sue” the Head of Community at Headspace — the meditation app with more than 30 million users.

In an interview with Ben Lang, the Head of Community at Notion which has approximately 20 million users, Ben shares his thoughts on defining what success is for him in the community industry.

During this episode, Jephtah Abu shares his experiences and gives community leaders tips on how to cultivate inclusive communities for all.

Show notes:

4:26: Jephtah explains how he couldn’t find anyone advocating for community management in Nigeria, and how Nigeria has a deep sense of community and culture already.

8:35: Discussing past work he’s done, Jephtah has experience as a program coordinator and social media manager. He then secured a community management job-based in China.

18:11: Jephtah and Deb discuss the difference between a social media manager and a community manager.

22:31: Jephtah touches on his experience in CSchool. In three months he gained the confidence to know what he wants and also formed deep personal connections.

26:40: Jephtah jumps into tips for diversity and inclusion. He states onboarding is a key first interaction to ask where people their background and hosting cultural events.

39:49: Jephthah’s final words of encouragement for creating diversity and inclusion inside an online community is to simply treat people fairly.



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