Live Discussion: When to Hire a community consultant

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Live Discussion: When to Hire a community consultant —

Launching an online community might feel overwhelming, so many companies and organizations jump into community building before having a strategy. In addition to the lack of a plan, things change rapidly, and keeping up with technology and economic changes can be just as complex. This is why bringing in a consultant to advise a leadership team can help, no matter if a company is considering a first launch or a reboot.

On June 29th at 1 PM Eastern/ 12 PM Central/ 10 AM Pacific, join the Community Leaders Institute and the Community Consultants Collective for an interactive discussion on when to bring in a consultant to support your community team or marketing team to support your community efforts. The dynamics of the industry are changing, and with it, consultants can help leadership teams make decisions that will help them identify the next best steps for the business.

During an economic downturn and on the heels of tech company layoffs, the community industry has experienced challenging times. Companies may have decided to let go of a community team or hold off on hiring before launching a community because of budget.

You’ll hear answers to important questions your organization should be asking before you think about hiring a community manager or when you’ve reduced your team. The community industry has gone through a significant transition with layoffs.

When leaders are looking for ways to grow customers, reignite communities, and develop new strategies, that is typically a time when leadership might consider seeking the support of a community consultant to evaluate the state of the community and offer improvements to their current organization’s community strategy.

Live Discussion: When to Hire a community consultant

We will discuss answers to these questions:

  • What do I need to know before I hire a community consultant?
  • What must I do to align the leadership with the community team?
  • How do you message the need for a consulting resource with leadership teams?
  • When is the right time for a specialized community design, development, and marketing consultant?

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Live Discussion: When to Hire a community consultant Event Panel Speakers

Todd Nilson Todd Nilson is based in the Midwest of the US and is the Owner of Clocktower Advisors, a consulting agency supporting clients worldwide. Todd is a digital strategist with over 25 years of consulting experience, specializing in community-building, digital workplace transformations, and marketing strategy. His clients include Humana, Facebook, Truth Initiative, Greenpeace, Activision, World Bank Group, and Medtronic. Todd is a founding member of the CCC and is a board member.

Carolyn Zick Carolyn Zick is based in the Midwest of the US. She is the Founder of Bad Axe Enterprises, which provides digital marketing services that are intentional, impactful, and protective of mental health. Carolyn is experienced in supporting clients in social media, websites, and community strategies. Carolyn is a founding member of the CCC and is a board member.

Mathijs Vleeming Mathijs Vleeming is based in the Netherlands and is a Community Strategist with over 20 years of professional community-building experience and association expertise. Mathijs is a member of the CCC advisory board.

John Summers John Summers is based in Texas and is the Founder of Comunify, Connecting People, Conversation, and Data. He is an innovative professional with a background in leading business transformation in Sales, Marketing, Support, Social Media, and Online Communities.

Deb Schell Deb Schell is based on the East Coast, in Pennsylvania, and is the Creator of Find Calm Here LLC and a Community Strategist who has helped over 50 founders and startups build and launch thriving online communities. She specializes in Mighty Networks and is the author of the book Creator to Community Builder.

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