Join us for a LIVE interview: How to set up an accountability group in a Mighty Network

Learn how to create an accountability group in a Mighty Network to help your audience members, customers, students, or clients accomplish their goals while also providing additional revenue to your business.

On March 30th at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST, Join Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Host of S.T.A.R.Resources who will present her community strategy using accountability groups, which she calls “Sprints” to “tackle” to-dos, during an interview with Deb Schell, for an episode of The Community Strategy Podcast.

During this event, Deb Schell, a Community Strategist, will interview Mary Elizabeth about her community-building journey. Mary Elizabeth will break down her Mighty Networks Community Strategy to offer her structure for community-builders to encourage participation with accountability.

Learn the 90 Day RESET Sprint Method

Mary Elizabeth will share how she guides her members through the custom-designed method outlined in the RESET Your Buttons ™ book. The proven method is simple to follow and ensures you stay on track with what you want to achieve by the end of your 90 days. Mary Elizabeth created the methodology to teach you how to respond instead of reacting, allowing relationships in your life to flourish and grow. Learn more about the sprint here.

Her community, on Mighty Networks, also creates additional business revenue streams and gives her recurring income to stabilize the ups and downs of consulting and project-based work.

It’s time to get those nagging things off the someday-I’ll-do-this-list and onto the DONE list. How? With our 90-Day RESET Sprint. This program is specially crafted to tackle those tasks that you keep pushing back.

Fight your procrastination with focus and intention instead of getting overwhelmed with all the little things that fall into that one task you continually skip past.

Why 90 days? Because it’s doable, digestible, and effective. You can do anything if you break it up into smaller pieces. Even that thing.

Some sample focuses in our sprint:

  • Creating a better work-life balance & boundaries with work
  • Clearing clutter from your home
  • Scaling your business and re-positioning your sales pitches
  • Making a morning routine… and sticking to it
  • Become a better manager or leader
  • Create, work on or explore your career path
  • Building your business an actionable marketing plan
  • Determine what’s next for this season of your life
  • Finally, get done that thing you have been longing to do

Join us for a LIVE Interview for The Community Strategy Podcast!

The session will be recorded and the audio will be used for an upcoming Community Strategy Podcast episode. There will be time for attendees to ask Mary Elizabeth or Deb any questions.

To join, please email to receive the zoom link and the calendar invitation. Click HERE to Download Our Free Five-Step Guide: How to Launch Your First Paid Online Community.



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