Find Calm While Building Your Online Community

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Connection to myself, collaboration with others, and clarity for the future have been my daily practices this year. I’ve felt that they have helped me land right where I need to be to share this opportunity with you.

I have been participating in many amazing communities this year in person and online that have inspired me, helped me through challenging times, and encouraged me to keep going on days when I just wanted to quit. It has been really exciting to share with you recently the cover of the Creator to Community Builder book. If you missed that update, you can see it here.

Now I’m sharing another update, I’d like to invite you to read with me this summer! My anticipated “official” launch date of the Creator to Community Builder book is planned for the fall, but I didn’t want to wait until then to give people these strategies and tips.

So I’m opening up an exclusive community only for the Creator to Community Builder Book Launch, and you are invited to the pre-launch Advanced Reader Summer Cohort! The official start date is yet to be determined. This will rely on the editing and publishing process, and I hope to get it to you mid-summer. (But grace will be necessary).

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About the book

Creator to Community Builder: Find Calm While Building Your Online Community is a guide to help new and experienced creators.
Those who identify as leaders, speakers, writers, visionaries, artists, facilitators, and guides. Who bring together their audience, customers, clients, friends, colleagues, or others who share their challenges, interests, and passions, to create change in their own life and the lives of others. This book will help you launch sooner, energize your members, and help you build a revenue stream — community building from zero to growth- that will work for you.

Tech options are overwhelming, and approaching your audience takes courage. Meanwhile, you could be missing out on potential income you could earn by launching faster, growing sooner, and creating transformation for your members.

  • It’s time to bring your people together, so they can exchange ideas, encourage each other, and learn from you.
  • It’s time to build a consistent income stream to keep your work going well into the future. And with consistency comes flexibility in how you spend your time and energy.
  • It’s time to stop letting obstacles get in the way. It’s time to get started!
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What’s in this for you?

  • You will benefit from the resources, tips, and wisdom of fellow community builders shared inside this community.
  • This is a tough year for some; what worked for some in the past no longer works. You can connect with peers to learn what’s working in 2023.
  • You will find calm and feel a sense of connection and being understood. as well as share resources, give advice, or provide
  • A place for encouragement and support.
  • Members receive a free digital PDF copy of the book. (When it is available)
  • Audio excerpts (when available)
  • The complete workbook with worksheets, templates, and checklists to speed up the community-building process. (When available.)
  • Weekly live stream from Deb announcing the book project updates.
  • Mighty Network Expert support resources shared. (Community building resources and tech-specific specialties.)
  • Each member gets to attend the virtual launch party event! (Date TBD)
  • Chances to win signed copies of the book. (Depending on ability and factors unknown)

Free stuff

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“I asked a question on a Mighty Network board and got invited to a call to brainstorm ideas for it. We did that, but I got so many more ideas from the 30 minutes that I now have a page of notes. This is a GOOD thing, people. She answered my tactical question and then spent the next 20 minutes talking to me about the more important aspects of Mighty Networks that I must pay attention to. Thank you!!! — Molly Dowdy, April 2023

“Deb is a community aficionado. She interviewed me on her community podcast, and it was apparent that she is a thought leader in community management and engagement. When Deb joined one of our programs later as a beta tester, she immediately jumped into helping manage and engage the program's members on the community platform Mighty Networks. It was great to know that she truly cared and supported other members and me as the host of the program.” — Anne Cocquyt, Founder & CEO at The GUILD, April 2023

“Deb’s insights and expertise come from her own hands-on experience and knowledge in building and fostering communities which makes what she has to share so relatable and applicable. In a short amount of time, she was able to help bring some much-needed clarity in my next steps and what I really want to be moving toward.” — Cindy Schmidt, March 2023

“Working with Deb was a lovely journey. The name ‘Find Calm Here’ 100 percent fits what Deb does. She entered into the conversation with a calm attitude. In a month, I went from being frustrated and not knowing what to do — to being calm and confident in building, growing, and working inside my network. She knows her stuff!” — Robin Fuller, January 2023

“ Deb Schell is a master at Community Building & Membership Design. She is an excellent listener, communicator, and systems strategist keeping her clients’ passion, vision, and end users in mind throughout her community design process. “ — Carol Dockum, July 2022

“Thank you, Deb, for supporting Agorapulse’s recent discovery efforts — you are a natural moderator and an all-around wonderful human to spend time with!!!” — Theresa Anderson, Head of Agency Business at Agorapulse.

“Deb was the thought partner and Might Network strategist I needed to help build a framework for a challenge I want to run in my group. Before our sessions, I wasn’t sure how to pull all of the pieces together and was a bit overwhelmed by all the ideas I had — — afterward, I felt super clear and quickly took action to bring the challenge to life.” — Allegra Stein.

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