Find Calm Here Community February Newsletter: Share the LOVE, Join the LAuGHTeR, and Learn Together

Stepping into 2022 has been a whirlwind for me and maybe you can relate! One of the questions I asked community members was what was their “word” for the year, mine is ABUNDANCE! It is already a reality!

With an abundance of interest in a book club, we are kicking off February with Building Brand Communities: How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging by Carrie Melissa Jones.

FCH Member Missy Steffens will lead the February 15th book club session in which we will discuss the first two chapters.

Callisa, FCH’s amazing NEW Community Executive Assistant is hosting collaboration sessions and a workshop to help you Create Community Content in Canva!

A new fun event I am excited about is our NEW Member Celeste is hosting a Laughter Yoga Session!!

Share the LOVE + Laugh with me!



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New for 2022, the Find Calm Here Community will be featuring a community member monthly for our new community spotlights.

The Community Spotlight was announced during the first community event for the year, our New Year’s Party. Here is the link (clickable with the PDF version) watch the recording if you missed this!

The member is selected based on their contribution to the community as a whole including attendance to events, sharing support to other members, and offering feedback and resources before, during, and after our sessions.

Once selected, in addition to the feature being published on Deb Schell’s Medium Blog, it will also be published inside the community and the member will receive a Find Calm Here Mug with Cup of Calm tea!

This month’s spotlight is Kathy Ruiz-Carter, the host of LS Warriors Community. Kathy joined the Find Calm Here Community in 2021 was an active participant during the Mighty Mastermind Spring Cohort held from January through April 2021.

Kathy’s community offers an intimate, positive, safe space for women with Lichen Sclerosus to learn how to manage their condition and work through the emotional and mental side effects to get back to living life the way they do want to live. In 2021, Kathy’s biggest community achievement was turning LSSN into a nonprofit to educate and raise awareness of Lichen Sclerosus.

“In 2022, I envision doubling my membership and providing a more streamlined transformation experience,” Kathy says.

Over the past year, Kathy has been building up her community and has grown, hitting 50 members at the end of last summer.

She’s implemented a few of the strategies she learned from the FCH Community including implementing “Welcome Parties” and has shared her milestones with the Mighty Mastermind members and continues to be an active member of the Find Calm Here Community!

An “Invaluable” community for those who struggle with LS — Kathy is cultivating a safe haven

From her Mighty Network landing page, Kathy’s community is a safe haven from all the noise on the internet. The noise of the medical websites with their medical terms and clinical list of symptoms. Safe from the images of disfigured vulvas that make us afraid to look at ourselves and lowers our self-esteem. A small quiet place off social media where it’s easy to get lost and distracted.

Here’s what members are saying:

“I was diagnosed with LS mid October 2020. For the first six weeks I went through an extremely hard time. I was scared, anxious, depressed, frustrated and very lonely. I was exhausted from googling. Then I found Kathy and LS Warriors!!

Being a part of this group has been invaluable for me and has helped me in many ways. I have learned so much about LS from them, from their knowledge and experiences. There are always new tips, videos, podcasts, virtual meet ups etc. If I have a question or am having a hard day my LS friends are always there for me.

LS Warriors has gotten me to where I am now ( which is a much better place) physically, mentally and emotionally and has become one of the most important things in my life. I thoroughly enjoy being an LS member. Honestly, without them, I don’t know how I would be getting through this.” — LS Warrior Member since December 2020

To learn more about LS Warriors and to join, click here!


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