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Deb Schell, CEO and Founder
4 min readOct 20, 2023

With all the community platforms and social media channels, deciding where to focus your time and energy on community building might take time. As I tell many clients, it’s not about the platform or the people; we want to give them an experience when they visit the community.

I’ve been working with Mighty Networks since 2020. Over the years, the platform has continued to grow, and with that growth comes new features and functionality for its hosts. Less than a year ago, the platform updated the architecture to provide Spaces for hosts to build more custom content areas within their network.

There are many features for any host using Mighty Networks, but the one thing lacking is a connection to an email marketing provider. Several other community platforms offer integrated email marketing tools. Mighty Network recently announced a partnership with ConvertKit, an email marketing platform whose target audience is the same as Mighty’s — Creators.

They announced a partnership during a live stream with Jane Stecyk, VP of Marketing for Mighty Networks, and ConvertKit’s Head of Creator Education, Shiv Chibber. When looking at platform providers, Jane said that the team found many hosts already use ConvertKit for email marketing, and it makes sense to connect the two platforms. There is no plan for integrating other email marketing platforms at this time.

With the new integration, you can

  • Instantly pull content from your Mighty Networks account (like Events and Member Spotlights) directly into your ConvertKit broadcasts and email sequences.
  • Seamlessly sync your Mighty Networks members into your ConvertKit account.
  • Segment your list and pitch your audience to subscribe to your paid community, buy a specific course or program, or upgrade to a new area.
  • Eliminate Zapier if you don’t use it for anything other than connecting your network to your email marketing provider, and you use ConvertKit.

The best way to grow a Mighty Network with email marketing

The communication inside Mighty Network has been using “notifications,” which trigger email and app notifications. Still, hosts have learned that many members will turn off many or all notifications without understanding the best way to set up their notifications.

Now, with this new integration with ConvertKit, Mighty Network Hosts can communicate in different ways with their members. I’ve seen this best used to send a weekly email that reminds members of the community events, forums, and content.

Onboarding: What do you think about new members? Many clients tell me they want to add email marketing to onboard members, but that takes a lot of time. Now, ConvertKit offers a pre-made template within the Visual Automation feature. If automation or segmentation isn’t something you know much about, there are recordings and tutorials for you inside the Mighty Community to help.

Connection: Share a few members from your community in your email to spotlight them, and that will also encourage email subscribers to click on the link and learn more about the highlighted member.

Events: The new events link in the ConvertKit email builder will allow you to add events from your community into an email broadcast or sequence with a few clicks. So you don’t have to spend time writing out the event info again; it’s all there, and they click from the email to RSVP to the event, making it easier to ensure your members are informed about upcoming events.

Mighty Networks has a lot on its roadmap. They’ve delivered tons of features this year, including the ability to have quizzes, collapsible table of contents, simplified plan links, and QR codes to connect the app to the desktop. AI features for setting up a community. You can follow their roadmap and latest updates here.

Connect your Mighty Network to ConvertKit

Suppose you’ve been using both Mighty Networks and ConvertKit for a while. In that case, there are a few cool things that you can now do, including embedding a plan (if you want to sell a paid space to your list), recent articles to highlight, upcoming events, member spotlights, and a list of posts, events, or members.

You can get a free trial with this link if you don’t have a Mighty Network account.

You can sign up with this link if you don’t have a ConvertKit account.

To connect your Mighty Network to your ConvertKit, you can do either of the following tasks:

Sign into your Mighty Network, navigate to “Network Settings” (In the dropdown menu when clicking on your photo in the far right corner.), and scroll down to ConvertKit at the bottom. Then click the button to connect your existing ConvertKit account.

Sign in to ConvertKit, select “Settings” (in the dropdown menu), and navigate to “Advanced,” then click the button to connect Mighty Networks.

To access the Mighty Network onboarding template that ConvertKit built, you’ll find it in “Visual Automation,” you can customize the information to match your community and branding.

Best ways to use the new features:

  • Take advantage of the onboarding template.
  • Write a broadcast and add upcoming events to the email.
  • Feature community members in your newsletter.

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