Empower, Connect, Transform: Building Communities for Change with Deb Schell

Deb Schell, CEO and Founder
2 min readNov 24, 2023

Community is the cornerstone of empowerment. It’s where connections flourish, and transformation takes root. Deb Schell, a global entrepreneur with over 60 businesses under her guidance, shares invaluable insights on online community building.

From discovery to strategy and implementation, she simplifies user and backend experiences. In this enlightening episode, she offers her expert hacks from her book “Creator to Community Builder.” Communities are a big part of our lives but often lack intentional engagement.

Empower, Connect, Transform: Building Communities for Change with Deb Schell

Maintaining relationships can be challenging even in private life, and social media are more distractions than help. Online communities are great for building consistency, habits, and support for a business. Do you see yourself as a Community Builder?

If you are intrigued by community building and want to dive deeper into this topic, connect with Deb for an insightful conversation.

Interview Show Notes

Deb assisted over 60 entrepreneurs in building and growing their online communities through podcasting and consulting.

Community builders must prioritize establishing psychological safety and purposeful connections among members to cultivate meaningful relationships.

Having a breakout room to mingle with a few people is a great way to make people feel at ease: retreats are also fantastic for online communities.

Community doesn’t solve every problem: to build a community, you have to work on connections rather than content and comprehend real people, not just their personas.

Community is about consistency and habits: we can continue to forge deeper relationships this way instead of expanding widely, as we do on social media.

The goal of the community is to connect people around a particular topic and solve a specific problem: priority is the value, not content frequency.

Community is also beneficial to the business: hiring community managers and investing in communities.

The frameworks that worked for six and seven-figure people don’t work for everybody: technology doesn’t matter if you don’t have people.

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Resources/Data Mentioned:

Deb’s book “Creator to Community Builder”: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJB87Q2C?



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