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Deb Schell, CEO and Founder
5 min readNov 3, 2023

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing excerpts from my new book, Creator to Community Builder: Find Calm While Building an Online Community.

I’m thankful for the feedback thus far about the book and the Community Strategy Podcast. Since season two has concluded, I’ll begin sharing podcast episodes from podcasts I’m guesting on to get the word out about the book.

If you aren’t a podcast listener, you may want to check these out anyway because there are many great business tips, online strategies, and actionable examples.

As someone who’s been a host and a guest, I find value in the PodPros Community, where I can share my work with other podcast hosts and their listeners. I hope you enjoy these episodes! Coming up on the blog will be my vision for the coming year, and I may take a break from posting. Time will tell. Thank you for reading and sharing this work!

The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast:
Growth Mindset with Deb Schell

In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, Vicki interviews Deb Schell, a dynamic individual whose career journey has taken her from the corporate world to becoming a location-independent travel writer and, finally, to a successful business consultant.

Deb’s story is a testament to adaptability and resilience in facing unexpected challenges. She shares insights on building coaching programs, offering advice on foundational steps, and cautioning against potential pitfalls.

Deb also delves into the significance of creating online communities and distinguishes them from conventional Facebook groups. She guides listeners in determining if an online community aligns with their goals and whether a pre-existing email list or social media following is necessary.

In the rapid-fire round, Deb shares her perspective on the core of leadership and reflects on what she wishes she had known at the outset of her inspiring journey. This episode offers a wealth of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

A few questions in this interview:

  • What foundational things should you implement when designing a coaching program?
  • What are some things to avoid or be wary of?
  • Why should I build an online community?

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Charting Your Course: From Corporate
to Community with Deb Schell

Buckle up for a thrilling discourse as we journey alongside Deb Schell, an indomitable spirit who charted her course from journalism to corporate sales and now thrives as a location-independent travel writer.

Together, we’ll unravel the intricacies of building thriving online communities, like her own Find Calm Here, delving into the importance of genuine connections and the overwhelming power of support. The conversation illuminates how Deb leveraged her transformative experiences to assist other budding entrepreneurs in launching their courses and consulting services.

As we navigate the vast virtual landscape, we’ll dissect the unique elements of Facebook groups and online communities and outline the triumphs and trials that come with each.

Guiding you through a thoughtful consideration of which platform fits your aspirations, we would like to highlight the importance of authenticity, the role of patience in member conversion, and the power of a message that truly resonates.

We’ll also touch on Deb’s evolution from a consultant to a coach, spotlighting how structured can be instrumental in matching your values, strengths, and preferred skills for a successful professional transition.

Having walked the talk, Deb lends us her invaluable insights on structuring a vibrant online community. She shares her wisdom on picking the right platform, transitioning into coaching, and using YouMap® to align your values with professional intentions.

As we chronicle her journey from a corporate job to a multi-potential life, we understand how she employed these learnings to guide others on their entrepreneurial path. So, tune in and equip yourself with the essential toolkit to chase your passion and build your community. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered.

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How to build an online community
to promote your business

Deb Schell is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant who transitioned from a corporate career to consulting, leveraging her community-building and business development background. Deb’s perspective on transitioning from corporate to consulting is rooted in her journey. She initially left her corporate job to pursue travel writing, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to pivot her plans.

She then launched a membership business aimed at helping individuals find calm in their daily lives, which led her to discover her true calling in consulting despite failing as a business strategy. Deb has since worked with over 60 entrepreneurs globally, guiding them towards decisions that align with their ideal lifestyle, generate additional income, and provide a safe online space.

Join Kim Thompson and Deb Schell on the next Author to Authority podcast episode as they delve deeper into Deb’s entrepreneurial journey.

Deb Schell started her career in community building and business development after being an active member of an online community. This community led her to quit her corporate job and begin living independently, going after her dream of becoming a travel writer.

But then a Global pandemic started, and the world stopped traveling, and Deb jumped online and started a new community to help people find calm in daily life. Launching this membership as a business strategy failed but led to Deb’s consulting business.

Since 2020, Deb has worked with over 60 Entrepreneurs across the globe who all have a vision, mission, or purpose. These fantastic creators have found a way to take their life’s work, help others solve their problems and challenges, and provide a safe space in an online setting.

Deb has helped guide clients toward making decisions that fit their ideal lifestyle, bring them additional income, and help them find calm. Click on this link to purchase the book.

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Creator to Community Builder offers time-saving tips for struggling entrepreneurs to establish and scale online communities, enhancing business growth and client connections. This companion workbook provides a quick overview of the book with actionable steps to help you build an online community and business faster and with less stress so you can find calm. Click here to download the workbook.

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