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I’ve been writing articles since 2004, and it’s still something I wake up thinking about every day. Today, I’m excited to share some news and updates on the book Creator to Community Builder: Find Calm While Building Your Online Community.

As of today, the manuscript is in the final process of editing and will be (hopefully) ready for you to read as soon as the end of August! An advanced reader cohort will offer you a chance to receive a free digital copy of the book (PDF) to read and share your feedback in an exclusive community built just for you.

Community Builders with Purpose is an online community for community builders launching an online course, coaching program, challenge, group, or membership. It doesn’t matter if you’ve launched already and are struggling with engagement (very common) or have never hosted a community — you are invited to join the Advanced Reader Cohort, which will be on Mighty Networks within the Community Builders with Purpose Community (opening soon).

This is more than just a “book club” — a space to ask and answer questions and build relationships with your peers.

I’ll be previewing this more in the coming weeks, but here are a few features for you:

  • Have a guide to help you figure out your community concept.
  • Understand the difference between an audience and a community.
  • Weekly live “Ask Me Anything” calls through the book launch.
  • Connect calls with peers, including other community builders and entrepreneurs.
  • Weekly audio excerpts of the book are shared via The Community Strategy Podcast.
  • Monthly group coaching with Deb (through The Network Incubator)
  • Monthly consulting group access with Deb (through the Community Consultants Collective)
  • Bi-weekly fun activities, book giveaways, prizes, and more!

To sign up for the waitlist, click here, and you’ll receive an email when we are ready to start!

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