Community Strategy Podcast Episode 67: Step into your power with Dani Scottt

In this episode of the Community Strategy Podcast, step into your power with this powerful interview with Dani Scottt, the founder of DTS Marketing Agency, which is a personalized digital marketing business.

We discuss how to build a brand as a new business owner, be a female founder, and bring people together inside an online community.

After starting several female-driven film production companies that crumbled during COVID along with walking out on her retail service job at the same time (where sexual harassment was considered ‘normal’ behavior) Dani knew this was the time to throw everything in the online business building pot.

She overcame judgments from friends and family while struggling to build her marketing agency.

Dani’s determination to help women step into their power with confidence and passion has led her to bring women together inside an online community to help them discover their full potential, become successful online digital entrepreneurs, and offer a space to be surrounded by fellow female leaders.


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