Community-Building 101: What I learned in 2021 to find calm

I’m sharing my journey with you in the hopes that you’ll be able to relate to the successes and challenges that come with being an entrepreneur and community builder!

  1. Clarity is the key to finding calm when feeling overwhelmed. I was able to find a path forward to relaunch the Find Calm Here Community in June with the support of the Mighty Mastermind members who helped me gain clarity in the structure of the community. It shifted from a wellness-focused online space to a community for community builders, which complements my consulting business.
  2. Awareness of who’s on my team (asking for collaborators) in my community, business, and personal life helped me find calm. When talking with other consultants, I don’t believe that we “compete” but that we offer unique offerings that complement each other and in which we can support and recommend our different services to the clients who would be best served, depending on their needs and industry.
  3. Learning in bite-sized chunks to create a step-by-step process for myself and the clients that I support has brought me calm this year. This has led me to create the “Calm Guides” with the support of community members who requested “step-by-step” instructions.
  4. Motion to create change in my life by hiring a podcast producer to support the Find Calm Here Podcast has brought me calm.

Personal Community Milestones and Achievements

  • Leadership & Coaching — In 2021, I led several mastermind cohorts by supporting community builders to build, launch, and grow their online community. I created a program (Now the Mighty Mastermind) that invited community builders who wanted accountability and support to join me for 90-days to participate in an active cohort. Each session members were given a prompt to answer and share within a private breakout room through Zoom. After the peer one-to-one sessions, members return to the group to share their inspirations and motivations
  • Community Professional Certification— I completed the CMX Community MBA Program and was expecting to work part-time as a community manager this year, however, I was never hired after many, many interviews. *No worries, I’m an Entrepreneur now!
  • Business Success — I registered Find Calm Here as an LLC in the summer of 2021 and by end of the year, I’ve hit revenue goals necessary to continue consulting and leading the community into 2022. It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing clients and community members I’ve worked with over the past year. (see below)

2021 Find Calm Here Client Testimonials

GuruNischan, host of The PlayGround

“Deb was beyond helpful in bringing CALM to what felt like a whirlwind process of creating my online community on the MN. She’s gone above and beyond my initial coaching session with her by spending extra time with me, making sure my questions were answered, following up diligently, sharing resources with me, and so much more. With her help, I felt like I had solid ground beneath me to launch my course and community confidently. Her sweet presence is in itself calming, and supportive. She reassured me that I am on track and know how to “do this”. She navigated my questions, slowed me down, and helped me gain crystal clear clarity on how to proceed in a way that worked for me. Her knowledge of the MN is brilliant, but her heart is what makes all the difference. Thank you, Deb, you are a gift that keeps on giving and your support is invaluable.” — GuruNischan, host of The PlayGround

Tiana Clark, Host of My Driver’s Seat

“One of the things I love best about Deb is that she personifies her motto, “Find Calm Here.” When she was referred to me, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work needed to launch my community. She took control of the situation, as a seasoned senior project manager, focused on the low-hanging fruit that needed to be prioritized, and rolled up her sleeves, and helped where needed. As a result, everything was accomplished AHEAD of the deadline. Furthermore, she had a sense of ownership, which cannot be understated. At one point, she offered to work on part of the project (that I estimated would take hours) so I could go pick my daughter up from school. By the time I returned home, she had already completed the ask! It made me feel very CALM. I highly recommend Deb if you’re looking to launch a community and need expertise, project support, strategy, and guidance.” — Tiana Clark, Host of My Driver’s Seat

Lisa Pepper-Satkin, Host of Own Your Brilliance

“I feel like I found the golden ticket when I found Deb. My Mighty Network got set up with ease and confidence with your guidance. I love Deb’s strategic thinking and teaching style. Deb has a wonderful sense of humor and made me feel so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend working with Deb when you are ready to grow.” — Lisa Pepper-Satkin, Host of Own Your Brilliance

2021 Mighty Mastermind — Fall and Spring Cohorts

What is the Mighty Mastermind?

  1. Bi-weekly virtual sessions with breakouts for deeper conversations
  2. Goal-setting checklists, templates, and resources
  3. Weekly assignments and accountability to keep you on track


  • A launch plan for your upcoming launch or relaunch of your network
  • Accountability partner for continued support
  • 1:1 Session with Deb to go over your “Growth Seat”
  • A 3-month FREE Trial to the Find Calm Here Community

✨What is the growth seat?✨

During each session, one person from our group will be put in the growth seat to 🌟showcase🌟 their launch or relaunch plan and/or concepts for revenue, roadblocks, and a 90-day plan for success.

“Deb helped me realize that the best path forward is in the speed of human life. Right there, I committed myself to making this journey enjoyable and thrilling for me. And to experiment, learn, and move forward with natural energy. Deb is a young and experienced wizard of her domain.” — Samir Selmanović, Host of Mystic Turn.

“I’ve been reflecting a lot on yesterday’s session. I showed up because I haven’t found/made any time to build my community lately and wanted to boost my motivation. It worked!” — Jessica Beckendorf, Host of Spark Collaborative.

About Deb

Deb Schell is the Founder of Find Calm Here LLC — As a community consultant, designer, copywriter, and strategist, she helps entrepreneurs find calm in building, launching, and growing their paid online communities.

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, she brings together community-builders who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, and creating an onboarding plan with the tools, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community.

As the Host of the Find Calm Here Podcast, Deb shares conversations she has with community-builders and offers resources that have helped them find calm in building a paid online community.



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