Communities Reimagined: Sharing the Secrets Behind People Magic Updates

Communities Reimagined: Sharing the Secrets Behind People Magic Updates. Finding the people you want to spend time with in this dynamic online environment is challenging. There are so many different apps, groups, meetups, circles, and such that it may take effort to figure out where to spend your time.

This is one reason I love community platforms that encourage people to leave social media and join a new way of connecting through dedicated, intentional online communities. If you have not heard of Mighty, you might spend too much time on Facebook. If that’s you, no worries; we’ve all been there. I’m usually the last to know about new platforms, tech tools, or software updates.

When it comes to community platforms, Mighty is one of the leaders in the creator economy industry. Here’s a quick recap for those who are new or just exploring community platforms off social media.

What is Mighty?

Mighty Networks, now called “Mighty,” is a place for creatives, leaders, speakers, authors, and business owners to bring their audience together on an intentional platform. If you think of it in terms of locations, Facebook is like the “mall” with all the stores. Many friends are there, but you could bump into your high school math teacher.

Facebook is the community for “everyone,” and Mighty is for a specific person and reason. If you only want to meet up with your friends, instead of going to Facebook, you can head to a private space you host that is only about your topics.

If you have yet to hear, many malls across the US are closing due to e-commerce and online shopping. A similar situation is happening with Facebook now that we have found a better way to connect — without ads or sightings of people we no longer want to keep in contact with. For example, I help community builders develop a community strategy and launch plan. My Mighty is called Community Builders with Purpose, and it’s for those who want support, accountability, and actionable steps for building and growing their online community, course, or membership.

The most significant difference between Facebook and Mighty is that you can’t just go to one Mighty and have access to many networks; you will join each network independently. Here’s what I do to learn about and keep in touch with several communities: bookmark the URL and save it in my bookmarks folder on Google Chrome.

Here are a few Mighty’s that are free you can check out:

(You can also search for a Mighty by entering a keyword in the search box.) Join any or all of these communities and discover more with this link.

What’s New For 2024? People Magic

Since the transition to Mighty’s Spaces in December of 2022, I have been through several platform updates over the past few years, and this one is the most significant shift I’ve seen since then.

Gina Bianchini (CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty) launched the live stream this week, with Thomas Aaron (Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, and Kyle Ford (Product Marketing at Mighty.) I’m sharing this with you! If you want to watch the replay of that livestream, click here. If you wish to see my notes from the live, click here.

New for 2024: “People Magic”

The live stream that occurred earlier this week showcased something I’ve been looking for, and now I’m excited to share it with you. The most crucial aspect of any online community isn’t the platform, the Pricing, or the features — it’s the people.

Working with clients for over three years, I have told each one of them (over 70 since 2020) that the most critical aspect of any online community is the opportunity for members to connect directly and build relationships with each other.

Many of my past recommendations on how to do this include hosting a welcome party for new members. Another idea I shared with clients was to host a happy hour or co-working session for members to connect. The feature I liked the most is Categories, a way to connect your members. You can ask members where they are in a process (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

Now, the new feature, with a label that says “Explore,” allows members to see their photos in a cloud of other members to see how they relate to each other. This feature is available for all plans. All members have access to this feature. The host sets the “category,” and members can contribute by updating their profile. The clusters will show up when you place the categories and will show top members, members in your area, and members in your same category.

Members List Improvements new in 2024

Many hosts have requested better member dashboards to view data for each member. Some of these features are available, with more on the way. Within the membership area in network settings, you can send messages to specific members, which replaces “message all members”; however, you can select all members and still send a message.

Hosts will see a member dashboard that allows them to add tags and badges and allow them to learn more information about that member, including purchases. These features, including tags and badges, are available only to Business Plan customers. According to Arron, the ability to learn about your member’s purchases and more detailed information is on the way.

Mighty Ai and Mighty Co-Host (Released in 2023)

When Mighty launched an AI feature last year, I was impressed with the platform’s speed. Mighty Co-Host™ is the first AI community builder powered by GPT-4 and Mighty’s community design features. All hosts have access to Mighty Co-Host, no matter their plan. This is a fantastic tool for individuals who struggle with putting together descriptions, names, or titles. If you put a word or phrase in the search box, it will give you the opportunity to

Email Marketing with ConvertKit (Released in 2023)

There are many features for any host using Mighty Networks, but the one thing lacking is a connection to an email marketing provider. Several other community platforms offer integrated email marketing tools. Mighty Network recently announced a partnership with ConvertKit, an email marketing platform whose target audience is the same as Mighty’s — Creators.

They announced a partnership during a live stream with Jane Stecyk, VP of Marketing for Mighty Networks, and ConvertKit’s Head of Creator Education, Shiv Chibber. When looking at platform providers, Jane said that the team found many hosts already use ConvertKit for email marketing, and it makes sense to connect the two platforms. There is no plan for integrating other email marketing platforms at this time.

With the new integration, you can

  • Instantly pull content from your Mighty Networks account (like Events and Member Spotlights) directly into your ConvertKit broadcasts and email sequences.
  • Seamlessly sync your Mighty Networks members into your ConvertKit account.
  • Segment your list and pitch your audience to subscribe to your paid community, buy a specific course or program, or upgrade to a new area.
  • Eliminate Zapier if you don’t use it for anything other than connecting.
  • Your network to your email marketing provider, and you use ConvertKit.

New Pricing for new customers

Mighty announced new pricing plans along with new features. All the latest features are available if you are on the current Mighty Business plan or Mighty Pro.

If you have been on the Mighty Business Plan, it is now renamed the Legacy Plan. The Pricing will remain the same for existing customers. (Previously, it was $99/month when paying annually.) The Course Plan replaces the Mighty Business Legacy Plan and offers the features that the legacy plan provided but does not include the new features.

New customers who want to use Mighty will see the following options:

All Pricing is for annual billing plans.

All existing customers will only see an increase in Pricing if the host upgrades from their current plan to a higher one. For example, if you are on the community plan and want to offer courses, you could upgrade to the course plan. If you pay annually, you’ll get two months free. For full details and more information, visit Mighty’s website. Questions or comments can be directed to



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