A Calm Guide to Onboarding Members: Step 3 — Identify your onboarding process

Deb Schell
2 min readAug 31, 2021


The Calm Guide to Onboarding is based on experiences I’ve had with clients who I help build, launch, and grow an online community as well as my experience as a Community Manager.

I put this step-by-step guide together so you can learn what onboarding is, methods of onboarding, identifying your process, and creating your unique onboarding plan.

If you’ve read the previous steps, we’ve discussed what onboarding is, why it’s important, and methods for onboarding your members.

We will put this together and identify your process for onboarding. Things to consider when identifying your onboarding process include the following:

  1. The time you have to create your onboarding process
  2. Knowing your members learning styles
  3. Supporting members at any stage of their journey
  4. How to build a sense of belonging in your onboarding
  5. Getting testers for onboarding new members

To get you started — I’m sharing with you the Checklist to Identify Your Onboarding Process!

The Calm Guide to Onboarding Members into your online community (coming up next)

Step 4 — Create Your Unique onboarding Plan

Step 5 — Going beyond an invitation


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