2022 Community Industry Trends

Deb Schell, CEO and Founder
4 min readMar 3, 2022

The Community industry has entered into the spotlight with new leaders building, launching, and growing communities across the globe.

This article will highlight interviews, data, and research about the future of the community industry in 2022.

The “new normal” is encouraging for community leaders

In the 7th edition of the Community Predictions Report by Vanilla’s Head of Community, Adrian Speyer interviewed several community leaders who shared what they think will be the future of the community in the “new normal.”

“The new normal is going to suit the community, we’ve seen the impact it can create through chaos, and now as things begin to calm, we’re only going to see more and more value garnered.” — Jeff Breunsbach of Grow Gain Retain.

Members are looking deeper conversations

In this article, Yamini Arora from SearchUnify explains “Companies are working to create long-term and meaningful relationships with customers that outlast at least one customer service hiccup. And for this, focusing solely on transactional support doesn’t suffice. Organizations need to go the extra mile to build collaborative relationships.”

We will experience a renewed sense of people, purpose, and place

Social Pinpoint’s article 2022 Community Engagement Trends reflects the evolving virtual ecosystem. “After having plenty of time to take stock, we will start reimagining what’s possible. That will involve leveraging technology, connecting new ideas, and re-building our skills, resources, and capabilities. We will foster connectedness to breed resilience, prosperity, and adaptability.”

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Transparency in a community cultivates inclusivity

Majorie Anderson, a Community Professional, stated that being transparent about the culture of a community creates clear boundaries with members. “We have to be transparent in the way we build our communities. Nothing should be hidden.”

Members of brand communities expect reliability

According to an article that collected data on community building shares, users have specific expectations when they interact with brands in a community. Reliability is the most important trait community users expect from a brand, with 57% of users expecting that. The other most popular expectations were trendy/cool, funny, exclusive, and bold, expressed by 36%, 29%, 29%, and 27% of community users.

Monetizing an online community with grit and integrity

In an interview with Lisa Johnson, the Passive Income Queen, she’s asked what’s the Secret of Your Extraordinary Growth? Here’s her answer:

“I think it’s based on two things: One I’m very honest about the mistakes I’ve made, I don’t believe that anyone is really further ahead than anyone else we all just know different things and can teach each other those skills. If people think they’re always looking up to somebody they don’t believe they can get there. The second thing is that I have come at it from a different angle. In my first year online, I saw many things I didn’t like in the industry, some things felt really unethical, so I was going to leave the industry. Then a really good mentor said to me, “You can leave the industry and moan about how corrupt it is, or you can make so much money in the industry that people listen to you, and then you can change it”. So, I’ve come at it in a different way which is “How can we show everybody else that you can make just as much money as these big Gurus with more integrity and without using things such as scarcity marketing, pressure selling, and all the other things that we see on a day-to-day basis”.

Get people to attend virtual events customized for attendees’ needs

Tom Norman from Kickstart Your Community shared some practical tips for getting more of your audience to attend a virtual event.

“Zoom burn-out is real. For me, it helps to do a couple of things. Base your speakers on what you uncover on the intake forms -if you realize 60% of your audience is talking about the same headache, align your speakers with that. I would also align their wants and dreams with the speakers a year from today. You can create an event where the experience is really catered to the audience’s needs, wants, and desires. I don’t like large-scale events with 150 speakers — there are too many messages and how do you build intimacy with that? Theme your event on the result or outcome your attendees need, stay in your lane and not in 40 others and it creates a better experience for everyone.”


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